Modere is the Live Clean company

Live Clean is the Modere motto, and above all, it is about change. We believe in changing what you put in, on, and around your body for the better, by removing potentially toxic ingredients from the products in your life, and replacing them with our entire line of safe and effective personal care, home and health products.

We've been the leader in the science of Living Clean for more than 25 years, and our passion for improving our customers' health and well-being has led to one break-through product innovation after another — and innovation leads to opportunity.

We believe Modere I/D is our biggest innovation to date, because it expands the Live Clean philosophy of safe, high-performance products into the high-growth field of anti-aging.

Have you seen our catalog? Modere offers more than 300 products around the globe, in almost 40 countries. Every one of our products — house-hold, personal care, and nutrition — undergoes the rigorous testing and approval required to meet our Live Clean standards. Quite simply, if we can't assure you that a product is safe for you and your family, free of controversial ingredients, and made under our strict manufacturing guidelines, we won't sell it.

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Our pattern of innovation has meant more than 6 billion dollars of product sold worldwide and more than 3 billion dollars in commissions to our Social Marketers. But our innovations go beyond our products—it's included in our disruptive business model, Social Retail. Social Retail is the convergence of social, online shopping and person-to-person direct selling. It's in our viral customer experience and industry-leading compensation plan. Watch our story above and get to know us better.

Stories from Modere Social Marketers

Margie Aliprandi — Elite 3 Social Marketer

I just felt that there was something more for me. Well, that something more crossed my path, and thank heavens I was smart enough to recognize it. I made a whatever-it-takes decision, I jumped in with both feet.

Margie Aliprandi

Sarah Zolecki — Elite 2 Social Marketer

My husband Tony and I are able to do this together, we are making way more money than we could in the corporate world. And the very best part for us, is we get to be here for our kids.

Sarah Zolecki

Rick Teague — Elite 1 Social Marketer

Modere is launching a superior anti-aging product, with a simpler, more powerful business model, and that allows you to earn great income within your first 30–90 days.

Rick Teague

Amee Gleave — Elite 1 Social Marketer

This business has given me more than great money, it has empowered me with increased self worth, and confidence in any environment. I would definitely say it has helped me get my sparkle back!

Amee Gleave

Bryan Bellville — Elite 1 Social Marketer

Modere is the only company I know of that has the potential to break the cyle of "here today, gone tomorrow" and will create true long term business based on factual, calculable, researchable data. And remember, they say that timing is everything, but I say timing is nothing unless you take action. I invite you to join us.

Bryan Bellville

Tony Fleming — Director 3 Social Marketer

When I first tried this skincare product, I knew we had a winner. Whatever your dreams are, whatever your "why" is, this could be your answer.

Tony Fleming

How is Modere I/D different?

HEALTHY SKIN, not just instant results.

Many products promise instantaneous wrinkle results and call it anti-aging. MODERE I/D is different because we take the approach that healthier skin looks better, longer. MODERE I/D gives you instant wrinkle results without harming your skin, by avoiding skin-tightening, moisture-depleting chemicals, and by protecting your skin for the future with antioxidants, probiotics, and revolutionary botanical extracts. Meaning you'll not only look younger now, you'll look younger days, weeks, and even years from now.


How can I get it?
The choice is yours

Of course you want to experience the results of this revolutionary anti-aging system! As a customer you can order by simply clicking the Buy Now button below. Or, when you join as a Social Marketer you will receive Modere I/D alongside your collection of clean-label, safe, and trusted essentials.

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Customer Order

Place a one-time order for your MODERE I/D Anti-Aging System, or have it automatically shipped to you each month with our Shop Smart offer. You will save $30 off your Modere I/D each month and receive a monthly $25 shopping credit towards any of our other clean-label essentials.

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